How’s the weather?

(I don’t know. I’m awkward with first encounters.)

Uhm, let’s start again.

Oh, hello there! 

I’m Crystal!

And this is my face.


Having just graduated Uni into the very trendy quarter-life crisis, I started this little blog in 2016 to cope with not being able to write ‘student’ as my occupation anymore.

While I had very little idea of what I wanted to do with my life, I did know that I am not one who settles. My biggest fear is that one day, I’ll wake up and realise I could have done so much more with my life.

Today, though still a little lost at times, I am a copywriter dedicated to living what I like to call a creactive life. That means being as creative and active in my days as possible, whether it’s through writing, hand lettering, Muay Thai, hiking or simply strolling around the city, and seeing it in a new light.

So this is me, documenting and sharing my creative projects, sometimes crazy adventures, stories, and lessons learnt from navigating this rough, but very exciting, world they call ‘adulthood’.

If I had to describe myself in a sentence:

I’m a brunch-loving, inspirational quotes-collecting, walk-in-the-rain, sand-in-the-hair kinda girl whose only compass in life is her heart.

Well, thanks for reading!

And if I’ve somehow interested you enough to want to follow my blog, click here!

See you around!

x Crystal C


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