On A Bad Day

If there’s one lesson I’m taking with me through the year (fuck, it’s May), it’s that happiness is an emotion, not a constant state of mind. I accept that no one lives through life with sunny skies and strawberry champagne on ice all day, every day.

Being the emotional, over-thinking shit I am, so-called ‘bad days’ are sure to come my way and I can only hope to grow from them. Yet, in the continuous quest towards self-betterment, I write this list as a reminder to myself that a ‘bad day’ does not have to last through the night, as does my mind stewing in the negativity. Control is within me, and through the following actions, I unleash it.

Turn off the lights, snuggle up and sleep

Let the mind rest and upon waking up, you’ll probably realise what was bothering you isn’t even that big of a deal.

Yes, I made my bed to take this photo. Looks so snuggly with my plushies ‘Tanky’ and ‘Chocolate’. Both these squishy babies bring with them so many memories.

Blast your fave playlist and have your very own karaoke sesh (Dancing a bonus)

Singing and dancing, no matter how much you suck at them, is sure to make you feel like a star. At least, the star of your bedroom. Plus, no one’s watching so it’s a great way to let go of all restrictions and be truly, yourself.

My actual current fave playlist. Some are actually pretty damn emo but ehh, they got me feeling better, mostly because of the memories tied to each song.

Write it out

Whether it’s for reflection or just as an outlet, free up your head and heart space by putting your thoughts and feelings on paper. Always on paper, never on screen. It doesn’t even have to be actual words and coherent sentences. Let it be as messy as what’s going on inside.

Get lost in lettering (or just doodling)

Perhaps this is my way of ‘being in the moment’. When focused on drawing out letters or random shapes, nothing matters and all thoughts of what was worrying you disappears from consciousness.

Get lost (literally) exploring your suburb, city, or wherever

Fresh air and a little adventure always helps.

Not actually lost here. Just took a #pattern as pic.

Drink warm tea and breathe

It’s basically magic liquid, with herbal scent and warmth flowing through your body, lifting your worries away, one sip at a time.

Peppermint and chamomile are my favourites.

Watch a childhood favourite

Comedies and fairytales like Barbie or Disney usually work best. They take you away to a faraway land where Unicorns exist and where possibilities are endless, reminding you yet again, that nothing is impossible (Okay, maybe Unicorns don’t exist in this world, but the stories about being positive and working to achieve your dreams are relevant as heck).

Some people collect coins, others collect stamps. I collect Barbie movies.

Be in the company of loved ones

They make you realise what’s truly important.

It’s people, above all else. Having genuine, supportive and loving relationships, as I have learned in my Psych studies and from personal experience, is the key to a full, happy life.

Read through your favourite quotes

Even the sad ones.


Buy something PINK

Or just stare at your pink wall and draw with your pink pens. They make you happy, no matter how much you think you’ve grown past the ‘girly girl’ stage 💖

In Summary



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